Inside the old LBC Studios

Click on the images below for a close up of each one.
Pictures taken on 30th September, 2000. © Timo Newton-Syms

Carol is furious to find that someone had left a pile of crap on her desk.

Marcus is concerned that the LBC house plant is not getting enough daylight here in the basement.

The concept of a scripted show bewildered the presenters.

Carol is thrilled when a nice chap walks into the studio to talk about Australian penises.

The studio headphone wires start to attack Marcus, taking him by surprise.

The delightful "goldfish-bowl" view of Marcus and Carol as seen by phone operator Mary.

Mary AKA Betty lines up the hundreds of callers ready for Carol to abuse.

Carol poked at Mike Allen's wig with great delight.

The relaxed studio mood is set with the help of LBC's specially positioned lights.

And as if by magic Mike Allen had turned Carol's nose into a wine bottle!

Carol and Mike prepare for their live on-air no-blinking competition. Marcus is keen to judge.

Marcus was planning his revenge for the countless Saturday nights in with that McGiffin.

'Coffee...' laughed Carol as she sipped her red wine, she never thought the bosses would have fallen for that one.

Carol is touched by her listeners' contributions. Here we see a photo of Snaggy Steve's doggy trying on his new "ruck-sack."

Mike Allen (in the background) sabotages the show by playing a TalkSPORT feed into Carol's headphones.

Marcus's wandering hands keep the girls smiling as post-show depression starts to set in amongst the staff.

Just before leaving the LBC studios for the last time Carol attempts to hack in and cause some havoc. Unfortunately, she didn't make it past the login screen.

Special thanks to Carol, Marcus and Mary for their help in producing these pictures.
Disclaimer: Comments under the pictures shouldn't be taken too seriously.

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